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Education and Child Development

Every child is special and all of them  very important to us. The education and development of children is a holy and beautiful thing, despite the fact that it is a difficult
process. The importance of this subject is increasing day by day. So what are the ways to raise a happy child in peace and good mental health? 
Good education begins at home.The topics, which parents should pay attention to their education and development are:
  • You should learn to listen  your children in all situations and give importance what they say . Thus, the children will know that they are important.
  • Parents must take care of their children, give them the necessary time, value them and value their personality, show them the love they need. Children should
    have a good family life.
  • Parents should understand their children. This is a very important thing  for children. Thus, it would be healthier for the child to enter the spiritual world and
    move towards psychosocial development.


  • You should avoid excessive tolerance or extreme discipline against your children.
  • You should not exaggerate your reactions to your children.
  • You should reward the good behavior and correctly warn of their bad behavior.
  • Parents should be committed to the decisions they make and apply them regularly.
  • You should give them responsibility to make your children more conscious.
  • You should determine and plan what your child does during the day. Like sleeping time, playing time etc.
  • Parents should give importance about their children's education.
  • Parents should demonstrate the necessary self-discipline towards their children. Remember that you are the first role model of your children.
  • Your children should spend the necessary time with you.
  • You should not compare your children with other children.
In addition, parents should  think "how to be a better parents". Our children are our future, we should show our children the best way to grow them and give them importance.
In addition, even when parents are applying these things, they should  educate themselves about "how to be a better parent".