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Healthy Lifestyle Advice
With a few simple changes you will make for a healthy life, you can increase your quality of life and improve your body and mind. It is necessary to stay away from stress
for a healthy life, increase physical activity and eat healthy. The most important rule to consider for a healthy life is hygiene.
  • One of the most important factors for maintaining and developing a healthy lifestyle is balanced nutrition. Starting the day with a balanced breakfast is a plus for a
    healthy lifestyle. The first thing to watch out for when eating a balanced diet is to consume vegetables and seasonal fruits. Fruits and vegetables grown in season
    are the best for health. Drink plenty of water, the proportions of carbohydrates and protein should be low in fat. Drinking plenty of water is very important to meeting
    the body's fluid needs. Take care to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Ready-made juices, tea, coffee and soft drinks are not enough to satisfy your fluid needs.
    Herbal teas can be preferred for their naturalness.

  • Smoking should be avoided. If necessary, help is needed to leave. The expert should be consulted when necessary to quit smoking.
  • The most important rule to consider for a healthy life is hygiene. Cleaning prevents many microbes from infecting our bodies. The
    skin surrounding our body is the first obstacle for the microbe entering the body from the outside. For this reason, the rules of
    hygiene for the hands, feet, hair, mouth and dental health must be respected carefully. Hands should be washed frequently. You
    must pay attention to dental health regardless of your age.
  • We should allow our immune system to rest. Chronic insomnia causes damage to your immune system and prevents your body
    from fighting diseases because immune and sleep mechanisms are two interconnected things.
  • Sport should not only be for weight loss, but also to have a healthy life. Sports activities have many positive effects, such as stimulating bone formation and protecting cardiovascular health. Activities that work the muscles of the legs, abdomen, arms,
    chest and waist are very important. Proper and regular exercise has many health benefits, and should be as mobile as possible
    in the office.
  • Stay away from stress because stress hormones damage the immune system. You can support your immune system with walking, regular laughter and massage and fighting stress. Good social relations, being together with loved ones, hugging reduces stress.